Established in 2012, Energy Savers is a pioneer in Energy Efficiency with more than 150+ installations in Power Quality, Automation and HVAC.

Energy Savers Technical Services LLC is a full-service energy efficiency and sustainability consulting firm. They provide services including building energy auditing, energy model development and analysis, energy efficiency project design, funding assistance, and sustainability planning. They specialize in helping clients reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort.

Their mission is to help clients save energy and money while improving environmental performance and indoor comfort. They strive to maximize the financial and environmental benefits of energy efficiency measures and sustainability practices.

Energy Savers Technical Services LLC is certified by the MEP Engineering and Contracting (ISO 9001:2015) and accredited by Dubai Energy Auditors Accreditation Scheme from Government of Dubai. They have experience with a variety of energy efficiency and sustainability projects including energy audits, energy modelling, energy efficiency projects, and sustainability planning.

We provide advanced Power Quality and Energy Efficiency Solutions in the following areas:

  • Power Factor and Harmonics compliance solutions
  • Energy Audits and Harmonic Studies
  • Sustainability solutions in HVAC- Solar Thermal Chillers/Heat Pump
  • Automation– SCADA/BMS solutions
  • Smart Grid/Smart Metering solutions
  • Energy Monitoring and Power Quality Monitoring solutions (EMS, PQMS)
  • Investment-Grade Power Quality Audits


Energy Savers Technical Services LLC focuses on implementing Power Quality/HVAC/SCADA solutions to Industrial and Commercial clients thereby leading to power efficiency, regulatory compliance and sustainability in Energy.

Energy Savers is a provider of innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for the Industrial & Commercial clients thereby delivering long-term value through robust systems, strategies and technologies. Its services extend from design concept and development of a new facilities energy requirements to the upgrading and retrofitting of existing infrastructure. Our experience and expertise in Energy management allows our clients to realize a significant reduction of their facilities operating expenses, as well as increasing the equipment life-times, reduce maintenance demands, improve occupancy comfort levels and protect the environment.


  • Hundreds of PQ installations in the region achieving savings & regulatory compliance
  • Multiple HVAC and SCADA installations in the UAE
  • Team of highly qualified and experienced engineers
  • Introduction of new technology to the market
  • First Solar Thermal Chiller installation in the UAE
  • Represents top brands from across the globe in the region


IAF Certification - Energy Savers Technical Services LLC
Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) Certificate  - Energy Savers Technical Services LLC
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Our Suppliers

  • Sinexcel -  Energy Savers Products Supllier in Dubai
  • SIEMENS -  Energy Savers Products Supllier in Dubai
  • AERMEC -  Energy Savers Products Supllier in Dubai
  • ifm Efector -  Energy Savers Products Supllier in Dubai
  • Condensator Dominit -  Energy Savers Products Supllier
  • A. Eberle -  Energy Savers Products Supllier in Dubai

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