SEC 40-80kW Integrated Charger

Sinexcel SEC 80kW charger is equipped with 2 DC charging connectors, which supports the output at a maximum of 1000V and 80kW full power. In order to charge for more EVs at the same time, an Type 2 connector with 22kW is optional to realize this purpose. It is suitable to various charging scenarios and also meet most of EVs’ charging needs in the market.

Ultra wide output
voltage & high efficiency

Output voltage 200-1000V, Constant output voltage 300-1000V.
Support high power charging and can output at 80kW continuously.
Compatible with all EVs in the market and meet future demands.

Equipped with Sinexcel self-developed power module, SEC 80kW can output at a peak efficiency of 96%, which can reduce the power consumption and save the cost thus realize the max profit.


Support 80kW output power at maximum, to provide faster charging rate and promote user experience. Due to the modular design of the charging system, SEC 80kW can charge simultaneously, and the whole charging power can be separated equally to each connector, making the power configuration more flexible. Equipped with Sinexcel 20kW power module, providing high efficiency and power utilization of DC charging.40-80kW flexible configuration with customization and it is easy to upgrade by adding power modules.

Connector options

  • SEC 80kW CCS2+CCS2+Type2

  • SEC 80kW CCS2+CHAdeMO+Type2

  • SEC 80kW CCS2+CHAdeMO

  • SEC 80kW CCS2 +CCS2

  • SEC 80kW CCS2

Modular design for easy installation and maintenance

SEC 80kW adopts function modular design, which makes it convenient to produce, install and maintain.

Technical specifications