Adsorption Chiller

Adsorption Chillers

An adsorption chiller is a type of cooling system that uses an adsorbent material to absorb and store a refrigerant, such as water vapor, and then releases it to provide cooling. The adsorption process is driven by heat, which causes the adsorbent material to adsorb the refrigerant from the surrounding atmosphere. Adsorption chillers can be used to cool a variety of environments, such as buildings, industrial processes, and refrigeration systems. They are often combined with other energy sources, such as solar energy, to make them more efficient.

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Advanced Cooling Solutions

Advanced Cooling Solutions (ACS) is a provider of heat transfer, thermal management, and cooling solutions for a variety of industries and applications. Their solutions are designed for high-power electronics and other applications that require efficient cooling, such as industrial machinery, medical equipment, and military and aerospace applications. ACS provides products ranging from air-cooled and liquid-cooled heat exchangers to chillers, pumps, and fans. They also provide custom-engineered solutions to meet specific customer requirements. FAHRENHEIT’s cooling systems can be modularly interconnected – and thus individually adapted to the desired cooling requirements. Our standard systems can be cascaded to expand their cooling capacity.


Our cooling systems are based on the innovative adsorption cooling process. In this way, they turn existing heat into cold. This process requires no electrical power. Electricity savings of up to 80 % for the entire system are possible. Only pure water is used as refrigerant.


The cooling modules contain no moving parts. Noise and maintenance are reduced to a minimum. Also, the refrigerant (water) and the adsorption material (silica gel or zeolite) need not be replaced. The principle of the patented thin sheet vacuum envelope also allows a particularly compact, stable and weight-reduced design. Sample Description

Hot water temperature 50 – 95 °C
Re-cooling water temperature 22 – 40 °C
Chilled water temperature 8 – 21 °C
Max. operating pressure 4 bar
B x D x H 875 x 2,930 x 2,500 mm
Footprint 2.56 m²
Empty weight ca. 2,300 kg
At typical pressure drop 2,064 W
At max. delivery head 3,664 W
Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Cooling capacity up to 100.0 kW
COPTH up to 0.65
Volume flow rate (HWC) 15,00 m³/h
Verfügbare Förderhöhe (HWK) 280 mbar
Connection (HWC) DN 65
Volume flow rate (RCC) 30,60 m³/h
Available delivery head (RCC) 271 mbar
Connection (RCC) DN 80
Volume flow rate (CWC) 17,40 m³/h
Available delivery head (HWC) 472 mbar
Connection (CWC) DN 65
  • eCoo 20 ST

  • eCoo 20X

  • eCoo 30X

  • eCoo 30


  • Very low maintenance costs and supreme reliability
  • Reduce the cost of electricity, hot water, heating and cooling
  • Long service life
  • Security for the ozone layer as it does not contain refrigerants that deplete the ozone
  • Minimizes the overall impact on the environment as the consumption of electricity is reduced
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