Interstellar AC Charger

Interstellar Home Charger

Innovative appearance

Low-cost Charging

  • TO Business

    Charge an electric vehicle up to 3 times faster than a conventional 3-pin plug

  • TO Customer

    8 times faster than a standard socket

What is DLM?

DLM is a system to supervise and manage electricity distribution. Its inputs include: electricity price, current time, building power consumption (measured by existing or additional meters), charger power consumption, etc. It defines the real-time power distribution strategy for all chargers connected and realizes optimized charging process.

Charging Power

7kW/ 11kW / 22kW three power rating configurations Available in a type 2 connector


Charge an electric vehicle up to 3 times faster than a conventional 3-pin plug


8 times faster than a standard socket

IP65 Rated

Interstellar applies industry-leading IP65 dustproof and waterproof technology which can against dust and low pressure water jets from any direction. In severe weather such as rain, snow and sandstorms, it can still perform and operate efficiently and avoid suffering issues on the event to save maintenance costs.

  • Dust
  • Rain
  • Heat
  • Cold

safety protection

  • Over-temperature protection

    Intelligent temperature control to prevent high temperature from burning the AC charger.

  • Short circuit protection

    The power will be automatically cut off when the vehicle is short circuited to ensure its safety.

  • Emergency stop

    In an emergency, you can cut off the power by pressing the emergency stop button simply.

  • Over/Under voltage protection

    Protects the charging pile when the voltage given by the grid is unstable.

  • Overcurrent protection

    Protect cables and other components by automatic cut-out from risks of overload and short circuits which cause fire.

  • Backflow prevention

    Automatic power-off protection when the car voltage is higher than the charging pile.

  • Lighting protection

    Deriving current to avoid equipment damage when lighting hits.

  • Earth fault protection

    Giving the tripping command to avoid electrical system get short-circuited and ensure safety of users when in the event of an EVSE grounded fault.

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