BMS Migration in Burj Al Arab

At Energy Savers, we offer best BMS Solutions for commercial buildings so that you can be assured about the quality provided to you. BMS is an acronym for Building Management Systems. It is a system that controls the environmental factors of any building and is responsible for enabling it to achieve the desired comfort level. It is also responsible for handling the energy consumption and to optimise it. Additionally, BMS does this by regulating the temperature, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, lighting control, security system etc.

The process of migrating the existing building management system (BMS) operating in the Burj Al Arab Hotel (BAA) from Siemens Building Technology, over to the proposed BMS system from SIMATIC WIN-CC V16, as recommended by Energy Savers LLC (ES) was a successful project well executed by our automations team.

Bur Al Arab Hotel (BAA) was currently operating a Building Management System (BMS) based on Siemens Desigo having some limitations in terms of functionality and ability to easily integrate new sensors and/or new venues and extensions, such as terrace pool area, FLS (Fire & Life Safety). The current Siemens Desigo BMS is configured, managed and operated by Siemens Building Technology under a managed service contract, with BMS access for BAA users being limited to end user client/monitoring access and without admin or profile configuration functionality privileges.

In order to take advantage of the latest technical improvements within the automation management industry, in terms of functionality and performances, as well as to improve control, flexibility and functionality of the BMS, while also adhering to new regulation requirements and optimizing overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the BMS for BAA and Jumeirah Group, we migrated the existing Siemens Desigo platform to the Siemens Industrial BMS/SCADA platform WINCC, which allows standard licensing and full code and configuration control by BAA/Jumeirah Group, resulting in higher functionality, flexibility and ultimately significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership) to BAA / Jumeirah Group.

Specifically, as both systems are based on the same open source / standards data foundations (OPC, KNX) and share many middleware modules owned by Siemens Industrial, the migration is fully predictable, low risk and can be realized in parallel and without impact on ongoing operations, as we had demonstrated during the recent similar BMS migration project at Wild Wadi.

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