SER Series

SER 20kW EV Charger module has ultra-wide output voltage range, 200V-1000V, As a key component of DC Charger, it has high efficiency and high-reliability advantage. the constant power output in the range of 300V -1000 V DC, improves the power utilization ratio of DC charger.

Advanced technology

The Module is isolated design, supporting hot plug, with output reverse irrigation isolation, to ensure personal safety and the safety of the EV Charger system.

Technical advantages

Ultra wide output voltage range to meet market demand

200V-1000V, Compatible with the vast majority of voltage platforms and vehicle charging , Reduces operating expenses, increases carrier earnings, and meets the next 5-10 years of technology.

Technical advantages

Constant power output speed up charging process

300V-1000V constant power dual output segment, improves the power utilization ratio of DC charger, raises the operation efficiency, and maximizes carrier revenue.

Product Views

improve the power utilization ratio of DC charger,
improve the operation efficiency, and achieve maximizing carrier revenue.



20kW Power module can be applied to DC Charger or AC/DC Power Cabinet.

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